//14 January 2018
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Hey guys,

Wow can't believe it's 2018 already. Sorry for the hiatus, was busy with my intern. I've graduated and thus I'm free now!

I'll do the my best to do the typeset for GH Chapter 33-35 and some translations as well!


Gangster Hero Chapter 33

//27 February 2017
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Sorry for the wait! Chapter 33 is uploaded!

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Happy Valentine's Day

//14 February 2017
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Happy Valentine's Day to all ^^
I'll be uploading the Gangster Hero pretty soon as exams are ending. Hope you enjoy today with your family, friend or lover! See you guys real soon. Cheers!


Uploaded the missing pages

//18 September 2016
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Sorry for the wait, the scans have finally be completed >< Give me a few days more for the next chapter to be uploaded! Thanks for the support guys!


//15 July 2016
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Yay completed! Sorry for the wait, just finish typesetting Gangster Hero. I've uploaded the chapter on all the manga platforms too.

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Good News

//17 June 2016
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Sorry guys for the super long hiatus. I've found 2 new translators for Gangster Hero! Hopefully we will get the translations by end of June! 4 chapters are being translated now. And for the Ore No Sukina Ko Ga Burakon Sugiru hope I can finish translating the last chapter and close the project. Right now I'm pretty busy as it's my final year so can't really keep track with manga ><

Merry XMas ^^

//25 December 2015
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Merry X'Mas 
1 chapter for today, if possible I'll get 2 more by next week ><

Chapter 4: